Bakoena Energy Solutions is a  proudly South African company,  contributing to broad based black  economic activity in the industry.  Since our inception, we are one of the  fastest growing SMMEs in the  industry, including the diversification  of petroleum products, and the  investments in capacity across all  segments.


We as Bakoena Energy have entrenched Safety principals in our operations and staff  members and regard Safety as our Priority.​

We have since the beginning of 2019 started providing Safety Awareness Trainings  which are conducted quarterly in conjunction with Gauteng Department of Education  Feeding Scheme general meetings.

In 2020 the kick off was in Tembisa and was held on the 3rd of February, around 70  of the food handlers under the feeding scheme were present from the Gauteng  North East District Meeting. These employees cook food for the school children  using liquefied  petroleum gas, hence Bakoena Energy found it necessary to educate  them on the safety aspects of LPG.